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Why should we get off of TikTok?

I am often asked questions about what the Bible teaches on certain topics. From time to time I'll post them as a blog because I'm sure others have the same questions. I change the facts and names to protect the privacy of the individuals that email me.

Q: On your videos and podcast you mentioned that if you're not on TikTok, don’t get on and if you’re on to get off. Why you say do not be on there? I have a friend who told me to be careful of TT and that she wouldn’t open something I sent her and also my sister said it’s no go either. So before I just give it up, I wanted to know your thoughts as well.

A: Thank you for your question, it's a good question. There are lots of reasons why I say to get off TikTok. First the app is dangerous to your personal data security. TikTok has many dangerous connections to the CCP (Chinese communist party) and it tracks what you do you on your device. In fact when I sensed the Lord telling me to get on TikTok that was my first rebuttal to Him: "You want ME to give the CCP access to all my data?" To which He countered, "all you have is mine". If He wants me to share the gospel He'll take care of the CCP. That is why I don't recommend TikTok as a consumer, only a creator if you believe the Lord has you on the platform.

Here are some resources you can use to do your own research:

Secondly, it's dangerous how much we use our devices as a society. When was the last time you went somewhere without your phone? Went a day without social media? How much time a day to you spend on your phone? We are devolving as a society very quickly. I have had to put very strict boundaries around my use of my phone.

  • I take Saturdays off for anything other than communication with friends and family.

  • No phone in the bedroom.

  • I leave my phone at home when I go out with my husband for dinner or lunch.

  • No phones while spending time with friends and family.

TikTok further exasperates the issue with one more app to make us addicted to media and not living in the beautiful world the Lord created. There is tons of evidence that now shows that children are suffering immensely from our device addiction. The symptoms are manifesting as depression, suicidal, anxiety, etc. because of devices. Experts are now pleading with parents to not give devices to children until they are 18 for the mental health of children. I strongly recommend you listen to this episode of the Charlie Kirk show as the discusses the consequences of smart phones on kids:

Digital Hermits: A Dire Generational Warning with California Teacher of the Year Jeremy Adams 8.16.22 -

Lastly, TikTok is full of heretical teachings. Most of the "Christian content" from the average content creator is just plain wrong. I can count on one hand Christian creators (apart from trustworthy creators like Answers in Genesis, Cross Examined) I trust and that's because I have had personal conversations with them and know that they are legit. It's really easy to be deceived by creators, false teachers, bad doctrine and theology, etc. Also I should note, most of the bad doctrine and theology comes from a genuine and sincere place, they mean well but are wrong. I also realize there is plenty of benign content too. I've picked up a few recipes, gardening tips, etc. But the good does not outweigh the bad.

None of this takes into consideration one of the problems we have in this culture is celebrity Christianity. The church has adopted the value system of the world, which loves fame. The Biblical model is humility and servanthood. Every servant of Jesus should have ONE goal for ministry: To lead people to Jesus The Good Shepherd. In a social media world the opposite is required: get more followers for yourself. Yikes! The contradiction makes it dangerous as a Christian to be in a public facing ministry. It's too easy to lose sight of our mission when the dopamine rushes from likes and followers takes over.

I realize this seems hypocritical as a content creator, but I'm only on there because I believe the Lord wants me to use the platform to lead people to Him. While I'm not perfect, I'm very sensitive to what I post so to keep my content led by the Holy Spirit. I've said this in many other videos and when I've been interviewed about TikTok: I will consider myself a successful TikTokker if I get people off the platform and into God's word. Imagine if we all took the time we spend on our phones and spent it reading the Bible? I know I'd be a much more mature Christian, as we all would be.

Hope this helps.

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1 comentario

Vicky Anderson
Vicky Anderson
23 ago 2022

Bear with me, this may be long 😊

I just happened upon you on TikTok.

I follow some other Christians on there as well, and know it’s probably not my best to do so, as I don’t have a good grasp or gift of discernment yet. Heck, it took me sometime to let my guard down with you 😀

I pray for God to help me with this, as I enjoy hearing other Christians talk about the Bible, give encouragement, and learning from Christians who appear more knowledgeable than I. I would love to have someone with knowledge above mine, and gift of discernment, to teach me the ways in which I would know, who is of God and who…

Me gusta
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